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From "Emma Moore" 13th August 09( Unfair to Evans)
Just a short note to say that I think your coverage of Evans is unfair. Their website speed has increased greatly recently and their clothes are great value, in my opinion.

From "Clare Butler" 20th Feb. 09( Re : Your Links )
I would just like to say, although Evans' clothes are terrific, the website is so slow as to be unusable. One I would like to see added is Gudrun Sjoden www.gudrunsjoden.com

*Our answer* : Yes, on occasion we have found Evans' site very slow to load.
We are also looking at Gudrun Sjoden, to see if they cater for the needs of our plus size viewers

From "Lisa Craig" 14th Sept
Just a short note to say that I bought 2 tops from Spirito. I thought they were not cheap. Then they arrived and I saw the quality and finish, and I know I am going to be a customer of theirs again.

From "Fiona" 15th July
I visited the Big Ideas shop in the Italian Centre, Glasgow yesterday and it was pathetic. Their choice of clothing was very old fashioned and ridiculously highly priced. The service was non existent as I had to ring a doorbell to get into the shop, then was completely ignored when they let me in! I asked if they had anything that would be suitable for a wedding and the lady told me that everything they had was on display and she couldn't offer me anything else. I wouldn't go back.

I tried to order some items today from Box 2, but they were sold out of every item I wanted. However, the service was great and the lady took my details and promised to send me the new catelogue when its issued, mid August. I do find the prices on the high side, but the designs are lovely.

1647's range is ridiculously pricey and most of the designs are the equivalent of bin liners.........no shape whatsoever. The costs for a wedding dress plus consultation is outrageous. Teague and French are taking the mick!

I ordered a couple of tops from Size Up and had to return them immediately. The quality was shocking. The delivery charge that THEY charged me was actually nearly 2 more expensive than what it cost ME to return the items, and they didn't refund either the full amount or the different. It also took me nearly 2 weeks for the refund to reach my account. Not very customer friendly.

I visited Evans yesterday and was informed that Evans has now bought over Etam, so most of the Etam shops will be closed down shortly. This is not good news for plus size ladies...when I visited Evans yesterday, the clothing ranges were very limited and they almost appear to have disregarded the younger customers as they have stopped the 'Seven' range. If Evans don't get their act together, women of larger sizes will be finding it even more difficult to get good quality, fashionable clothing on the high street.

I buy loads of items from Simply Be and Classic Combination (same parent company), the service is usually great and the prices are VERY reasonable. The ranges are varied and stylish although, possibly not as good quality as Evans. The website is extremely user friendly.


From "Anne Stewart" 3rd April 08( Re "Evans" )
Pretty hopeless I've tried to use it several times. Have had site is busy try again later 3 times including today while shopping.

Then when I did get on every tshirt I wanted was out of stock. Emailed them reply suggested that I visit one of their shops. If I could do that easily would I be using the website,

Sorry to rant but really disappointed with website I buy a lot on line and have NEVER had the problems I've had with them. Any suggestions as to what I can do?

*answer* - Our suggestion is to simply shop with some of our other listed merchants.